Love Photography? A Mother’s Day Gift for You

Getting to know my camera has been amazing for me as a mom and as a person, and I love watching the transformation in the women who take Momtography™ classes. They learn to use their cameras. They start taking better pictures of their families. But it goes beyond that. So often I see them awaken this new found confidence that rubs off in other parts of their life. It’s a photography class … and a lot more.

I wanted to share this gift idea, because long after your chocolates are eaten and the flowers are faded, taking a creative photography class will stick with you. You deserve something just for you this Mother’s Day. Here it is.

Momtography™ Online will help you:

  • Capture Your Mom Experience
    That thing about them growing so fast? It’s true! But you can capture those cute expressions, the way they stick their tongue out to concentrate, their smile behind the ice cream cone, how little they are in this moment. You can capture the big, proud moments, and the little every day ones so that you have them. Forever.
  • Connect with Other Moms
    I know that being mom can be a isolating sometimes. Connecting with other moms over a shared passion can feel great. As part of Momtography™ online, you join a community of other moms to share questions and challenges and questions—and of course photos!
  • Learn Something New
    You take your kids to piano or gymnastics. They go to camp and school and lessons and soak up so much new stuff When is the last time you learned something new just because you were curious? If it’s been a while, you might be surprised just how exciting and invigorating it is to learn and develop a new skill.
  • Get Good at Something You Love
    If you already love photography (or even the idea of it), you can get better at it. You can learn to get out of auto mode on your “fancy” camera. You can even learn to take fabulous pictures with your phone. (The new and improved Momtography™ Online gives you two classes in one, so you are covered with your DSLR and your phone. Focus on the one you need most now and have lifetime access to the other.)
  • Use Creativity as Self-care
    Being creative satisfies a part of us that isn’t always fulfilled in our every day mothering world. Even if you are creative with your kids, there is a part of you that wants to explore something just for you, that wants to follow your creative path. Learning to get more comfortable with your camera opens the door for a creative practice you can enjoy every single day, no matter where you are or what is happening with your family.

Oh, and one more thing … it’s FUN! Yes, it can be challenging to learn some of the technical stuff, but I broke everything down to make it simple and accessible for busy moms. Wouldn’t it be fun to pull out your camera and feel confident you know how to get a good shot? Wouldn’t it be fun to pull out your camera and play?

If you love photography (or think you would if you could just take better pictures), think about Momtography™ Online as a Mother’s Day gift.

You can send people who want to treat you to something special to the Momtography™ online page—or even treat yourself! You deserve it!