Find Confidence Through Creativity

Photography has helped me find confidence through creativity in numerous ways. People know me as the mom photography teacher. Maybe they even know the Momtography® name. 

I teach moms to take better pictures with their phones or DSLR cameras.

I teach teens how to get creative with their cameras.

And that’s what most moms come for. They want to take better pictures of their kids. They want to capture the big moments and the little ones in the their little ones’ lives.

Maybe on top of that they want to get away for the day, take some time for themselves. They want to tap back into their creativity, remind themselves that even with mommy brain they can learn something new.

Moms leave Momtography® classes with a better understanding of their camera. They leave taking clearer, crisper, brighter pictures.

They leave with ideas about new things to try to keep building those skills. They leave with connections to an online group that supports an nurtures them — and gives them a place to show off those new photos (or ask for advice on one that didn’t work the way they wanted).

All this is wonderful. I love how many moms are taking better pictures. But what I love even more is that they leave feeling more confident.

Find Confidence Through Creativity

They own their experience.

They dare to move forward on a dream.

They get curious about what else they could do.

They tap back into creativity that they might have thought they lost.

The take a leap to a change they were just thinking about.

I do teach photography. But I also teach more than that.

I teach moms that they can follow their dreams.

They have permission. They have the know how. They have the drive.

And inside, under their doubt and shoulds and what ifs and comparisons, they have the courage to change, to play bigger.

Maybe you know you want something more, but you don’t know what. Maybe you know you are ready for something new.

Taking one step—maybe learning photography—might open a door you had never seen or maybe the one you’ve been looking for.

I teach photography, but really I teach moms to tap back into their confidence, to dive back into their creativity, and recapture their magic as they reconnect with themselves.

Confidence Through Photography

Your road to confidence and creativity may start with a camera—mine did. If that’s where you are right now, I have some ideas for you.

Get up, take 100 steps and snap a photo. 

Find, and photograph, the colors of the rainbow.

Walk around your house and photograph 10 things you love.

Find your Creative Spark

And if your camera isn’t calling you right now, but you want to get back your creative spark (and the time to actually create!), then look into creating space for yourself. 

Create a cozy nook in your home just for you.

Start a morning ritual. Get up a little bit earlier, make some coffee or tea and journal for 5 minutes.


Try one. Try them all. Take that step back to your creative, amazing self.