A Must Have Creativity Toolkit for Moms

This is a re-share of an article that was originally published in 2017.

Losing a sense of myself and my creativity after becoming a mom wasn’t something that was an instant realization.  In fact, I’m not sure at the time I even realized how important the creative process was to defining my sense of self.  The feelings trickled in as exhaustion, loneliness, sadness, anxiety. I needed a creativity toolkit.

Photography was my saving grace. When I was behind the lens I felt more connected to myself. I was more grounded in my purpose. I met like-minded women who wanted to also be both creative and be an amazing mom.

But then one day the spark for photography faded.

A transition in parenting made the milestone moments less and less so, of course, I picked up my camera less and less.

Then the familiar feelings began creeping in again. Exhaustion, loneliness, sadness, anxiety.

Now I recognize these feelings as a call to let go of the things that are no longer serving us so I can welcome in new dreams.

The constant in this process of picking up and letting go has always been — my creativity.

But sometimes figuring out how you’d like to be creative when you’re going through the day to day motions of life as a mom can be tough.

Today I’d like to make your creative life a bit easier

A Must Have ‘Creativity Toolkit’ for Moms

Below you’ll find some of my favorite resources for recapturing yourself through the creative process. The journals, books, classes, kits, and tools below are will give you permission, guidance, and support in gently make space for YOU again.

These tools will inspire you to be more curious in your day to day, learn new things about yourself and the world, and make space and time for fresh dreams to emerge.  

Creative Journals To Get You Writing

Did you keep a diary or journal when you were a kid? Do you still? I find journaling to be such a special way to break from the daily grind, share my thoughts in a non-judgemental way, and process all the crap floating around in my head. One thing I’ve found is that journaling is personal and as such each person has difference preferences and needs with the type of journal they choose.

These image links below include several options from spiral bound (my favorite) to leather, to beautiful floral prints, to pocket size, to guided prompted options. (click the image links to see on amazon!) 



Writing Tools To Make Journaling More Fun

The other piece that makes journaling personal, sacred, and special? The writing tools used! Some women love to doodle, color, and make art. Others prefer to use pencil so they have the option to erase. If you use your journal as both a place for your thoughts to land AND a running to-do list, highlighters can come in super handy, too. Here are some of my favorite writing tools.

(click the image links to see on amazon!) 



Books To Spark Your Creativity

Sometimes our creativity needs a spark. These books are my favorites when it comes to creative inspiration. Below you’ll find non-fiction novels from some of my favorite creative humans, my favorite children’s literature, and artistic creative guide books — there’s something for everyone here.

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Things to Make for your Creativity Toolkit

One of the best ways to I’ve found to tap into my creativity is through the process of ‘making’. Using my hands to get away from scrolling Facebook on my phone and actually create something. From knitting, to sewing, to felting, to candle making and other artistic crafts — these kits will guide you through any learning curve you may need to overcome.

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Need permission to be creative?

Read this: https://mom.beyoungcreative.com/creative-mom/

And a few bonuses!

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