Reinventing Yourself in Motherhood

Identity.  It’s a tricky thing to define, the more hats you put on in life. As a woman, it is so easy to get caught up in the roles you play for others… Wife. Mom. Teacher. Employee. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Aunt.  How do you go about reinventing yourself in motherhood? For me, the discovery of my creativity and a new-found sense of confidence came through a Christmas gift – one heavy gold box.  A Nikon D3500 DSLR camera and a gift certificate to take Momtography in January of 2018.

Reinventing My Motherhood

Prior to that Christmas morning, I was struggling – grappling with the idea  that I had become the suburbanite mom I never wanted to be. At a crossroads in my career, having recently quit the job I thought would be my forever-career, I was quite literally drowning as I sank into life as a yoga-pants and messy-bun wearing hot mess, who’s only hobby included wandering the aisles at Target.

Somewhere, the avid traveler and adventurer got lost in the hustle and bustle of two kids under the age of four, a marriage, two full time demanding careers, and running a household. 

I was seriously regretting the decision to quit my job and facing a major decision about what I wanted to BE when I grew up. 

Opening the wrapping paper that morning, and pulling out the camera, I felt a sense of wonder and anticipation. Turning over its heavy weight in my hands, running fingers over the buttons, I could feel the rusty wheels of creativity start turning.  This camera didn’t come with film – the painstaking process of developing, processing, printing. 

Now, I could capture moments in real time without the limits of film.  

Camera in hand – creative tool strapped to my proverbial toolbelt – I found myself sitting in a chaotic and full art studio on Saturday morning.  Through that first Momtography class, I re-learned not only those foundational lessons of photography (ISO, white balance, focus, aperture, bokeh) but also found a new zeal for my formerly tiresome #momlife.

I discovered through capturing my family’s memories that “mom” was only a small part of my identity. 

I found beauty in everyday moments.  No longer limited to expensive and annual sessions with a professional photographer, I have reinvented my motherhood and have found joy in creatively capturing the small, messy, previously frustrating moments that now take on new value as memories for my family. 

Reinventing Myself

Following that first Momtography course, I felt called to continue my journey with Beryl Young and enrolled in the course called Imagined.  This program was designed to help women find, acknowledge and pursue their dreams.  Through the Imagined program and the wonderful community of women I met, I made major leaps forward, in not only trusting myself enough to branch out to start my own business

I was able to say a firm and final goodbye to that former “forever career” and jump into a new adventure – pursuing my teaching credential and master’s degree to teach high school English. 

As a Momtography and Teentography Licensed Teacher, I love that I can help other women and teens discover and honor their creativity, and how that creativity can enhance their lives.

I can honestly say that these programs have changed my life for the better, enabling me to be a more present and creative mother to my children, a happier and more fulfilled wife to my husband, and a more content and confident version of myself. 

Reinventing Yourself

If you are considering registering but something is stopping you, I would urge you to think about what your roadblocks are?

Is it financial?  Contact me and let’s talk about a payment plan! 

Is it time?  We are ALLLLL about being “Present Not Perfect” and want to honor your valuable time with lessons that are concise but impactful. 

We have to put on our own oxygen masks first ladies….

How are you taking care of and honoring YOU?

Watching that flash-bulb moment happen when a class participant just GETS IT is one of my favorite things in the entire world! 

Let me support you in reinventing yourself in motherhood and help get you there!