Easy Self-Care: 3 Unusual Ideas to Help You Feel Better

You know you need to take care of yourself but all your ‘go-to’ options may not really an option right now. It’s hard to schedule that massage or a mani-pedi and meet up with friends for coffee or wine. Right now, we need easy self-care ideas. Good chocolate, finishing your coffee before it gets cold, a relaxing bath or an invigorating run are all good things too.

And I think there is more to self-care than that.

Really doing something for yourself can spark changes in your life that go beyond relaxation or a little time alone. Totally go get a massage or a mani-pedi, but if you’re struggling to find time for those or they don’t seem quite right for you, then go try something else that taps into the part of you that needs a little more attention.

Get Creative with Easy Self-Care

These three things that I’ve done may not sound like self-care, but they have given me energy and confidence — and I recommend them to everybody.

1. Dye your hair blue.

I dyed my hair blue a few years ago, because I kinda like to be bold and break rules and … I wasn’t doing that. Dying my hair blue was a way to live more boldly and be myself. Dying your hair blue might not be your thing. Maybe it’s getting the tattoo you always wanted or adding more color to your wardrobe or trading in your minivan for the jeep that will take you on adventures. It could be quitting the PTA to take the art class you’ve wanted to take or joining a rowing club or signing up for online music lessons.

Sometimes the change taps into a part of you that has been put on hold or pushed aside. Sometimes it’s deciding you don’t give a crap about what people think anymore. Sometimes it’s letting yourself acknowledge something new that is bubbling up in you, saying I want or I am…

I want to be a rebel

I am a bold, colorful person, and I want my appearance to match my dreams.

Listen to that voice.

Get curious about what you want and how you can show up even more deeply as YOU. And then dare yourself to do it.

2. Create something.

There is magic in creating. Whether it’s photography or writing or creating music, there is energy that flows when we create. And that’s true when we allow ourselves to play in the kitchen or woodshop or garden. Journaling, doodling, coloring … There are so many ways to create, and both the process and the product can be a source of pleasure.

I have a friend who recently put her own creativity to work on Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book.

If you have an urge to be creative, but are feeling a little stuck, this book lets you tap into the relaxing benefits that doodling and coloring while also tapping into your own creative genius. Love it! Sometimes you’ll have a big creative project in mind, and that’s great, but just spending some time regularly getting creative makes a huge difference.

3. Follow your passion.

When’s the last time you daydreamed? It’s easy to get mired down in laundry and making dinner and getting everyone out the door on time. You’ve got work to do and bills to pay, and your dreams if you make time for them at all can seem so far away.

What is it that you REALLY want to do? Maybe you talk about write a screenplay some day or maybe you haven’t told anybody that you secretly want to start your own photography business. Maybe when people eat your cupcakes and tell you that you should sell them, you smile but shake it off because you don’t have time or money or know how. Who are you to do something like that?

Daring to dream — and taking steps to make it happen is the ultimate in self-care. If you think of self-care just as a way to relax and have a little time to yourself, this one isn’t going to fit the bill. But if you think of self-care as a way to truly nurture yourself, this is it. And self-care doesn’t mean all by yourself. In fact getting support from a community or a coach will help you breathe life into your passion project and get through the rough patches.

Photography is Easy Self-Care

If you are feeling all the things right now, please know that you are not alone. We are all feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. And it’s ok to not be ok right now.

One of the easiest ways to take care of yourself is to take a photo.

Being creative doesn’t have to be some big thing. Small acts of creativity can have huge impact.

Here’s something you can do RIGHT NOW for some easy self-care.

Get up, walk 100 steps and take a photo.

Give yourself that tiny moment to reset, be present and snap a photo.

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Hope you’ll join us!