3 Ways to Focus on the Positive

focus on the positive

By now, I think we all are in agreement 2020 was NOT the year we wanted, and 2021 started out similar. It’s easy to get sucked into that mindset, and you’ve probably heard (or even been one of those people yourself) things like, “I welcomed the break, I got this house project done”, or “I got to spend so much extra quality time with my family”. I’ll be honest, I was not one of those people that kept their focus on the positive. 2020 for me brought major life disruptions. Divorce, unexpected homeschooling, interrupted work-life balance, missed time and holidays with family. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Geez, I thought this post was about how to focus on the positive”. I promise it is. Stay with me. My point here is that we all have things in our lives that tend to drain the happy from us, but there are ways to still find the good and positive in our everyday lives. We are all worth it, and we should take the time to show ourselves that. There IS good in every day, we just need to find it. So here are 3 of my favorite ways to focus on the positive:

Focus on the Positive by Naming One Thing

Our Momtography weekly check-ins usually start by our leader, Beryl, asking us to post one good or positive thing that happened to us. I’ve started implementing this into my daily life because there could be several “bad” things that happen that week but if you focus on at least one GOOD thing it really changes your mindset and opens up opportunities for even more good things to happen in your life. I like to think of this at the end of the day, it provides some closure to the day and sets you up to have a good day the next morning. Sometimes I write these down, and then by the end of the week you have a whole inventory of good things to reflect on. Think of those good things and how they made you feel. I guarantee your mood will lift and you’ll feel better! 

Get Positive with a You Do You List

If you’re a busy Mom like me, you likely have a list of things you’d like to do “if there’s ever time”. Mine include things like reading a book, doing some hand lettering tutorials, visiting a little shop I’ve wanted to check out, heck sometimes even taking a nap! Make this list, whatever it is. Things that would make you happy when you do them or after you complete them. Whenever I find I’ll have 30 minutes or an hour I try to pull out this list and do one of these things. Push away the “mom guilt feeling”, because focusing on yourself is NOT selfish. It’s essential to keeping yourself in a positive mindset.This has been a tough one for me to learn, but I’ve found I am happier and a better Mom when I take some time for myself than feeling like you’re just trying to keep up most days. 

Find Focus with the 100 Steps Project

One of the cool projects I learned about through Momtography® is the 100 Steps Project. I love this project because it allows you to be creative in whatever capacity you want, and you can do it whenever you want–every day, every week, month, your choice.  I also love it because it forces you (in a good way) to find the positive in whatever you are photographing, you find ways to make a tree or rock fun and interesting. Grab your camera (your “fancy” one or your phone) and choose a starting place. Take 100 steps, stop, and find something to photograph wherever you are. It feels like a game, and you can even get your friends or kids involved. 

focus on the positive

Let’s all challenge ourselves to take our next step forward and make it a positive one! Tell me your favorite ways to stay positive (southeastoh@momtographyoh.com), and if you want to learn other fun projects and photo skills, learn with me at https://mom.beyoungcreative.com/momtographysoutheastoh/