How to find your passion project: A practical guide to find deeper fulfillment as a mom

This is a re-share of an article that was originally published in May 2017

Your days are filled with diapers, snacks, carpool, and supervising homework. How to find your passion project is probably the last thing on your mind. When you’re a mom, it’s simple to put off finding deeper fulfillment when you’re buried in the day-to-day tasks. I know it feels easy to decide you’ll do something for yourself “someday”, but Mama, I’m telling you that the time could be now.

How to find your passion project and find deeper fulfillment as a mom. A practical guide for moms who are looking to do something more with their lives.

How to Find Your Passion Project

Years ago, I gave birth to a baby.

This baby…she wasn’t actually human.

She was a blog.

Fresh, and exciting, and full of energy.

She made my heart skip a beat, made my belly do flip flops of joy, and turned our world upside down.

She was love, and life, and hope all swirled into a sweet little package.

That baby I birthed was unexpected.

And I was admittedly afraid. Afraid I would fail her. Afraid I would fail myself. Afraid I would mess it all up, rock the boat, do it all wrong.

But she was my passion. My life force. The thing that filled me with joy, exhaustion, energy, and fulfillment each day.

Caring for this baby wasn’t a choice.

It was an inner nurturing that stemmed from deep in my soul.

Starting in 2009 and filled with writings about grief, and hope, healing, and the inner realms of my soul where I longed to recapture creativity and connection.

It started as nothing more than a passion project. But, as the blog grew we learned together how to live again. My baby, my blog slowly learned sit, and stand, and walk, and eventually soar.

I never actually expected it to transform into anything more than a place for me to share my heart.

But as people read, something resonated in them. And it grew from this little fire inside me into something bigger and more sacred than I ever imagined.

It led me to ideas for teaching and trying my hand at business.

But it also made me realized that as it grew I needed support. That support came through mentors or unlocked doors to new passion projects I never even knew were waiting for me.

All of this because I chose to birth a baby. A blog of writings that allowed the exploration of my inner landscape and journey to self.

Your passion project can soar too.

You may not believe it right now. In fact you probably don’t.

I know when I started I could not imagine how the blog could (and would) transform into something bigger than imaginable. Bigger than myself.

Motherhood is hard work. You know that if you have children and you’re deeply passionate about your family. Your children may even be the primary place where your energy is harnessed right now.

But perhaps there’s another baby inside of you, a passion project waiting to be born and delivered into your world.

I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible to raise all your babies and make time for your creative dreams while caring for a family.

If you’ve ever said something to the effect of: I’ve always wanted to…

…write that book

…start that blog

…make that sewing project

…go on that vacation

…start that business

…run that race

You have a passion project inside you. The harder part is getting deeply curious about it, setting an intention for exploration, and making the time and commitment to that explore without expectation.

That is how passion projects are born, raised, and taught to soar.

Next week I’ll be back with part II – practical tips for turning your ideas, wishes, or dreams into a reality.

Until then I’d love to hear more about your passion project. I’ve got 3 spots open for my next round of Passion Project Intensive Coaching. I’d love to hear from you, listen to your dreams, and support you in gaining the confidence and structure to birth your new baby in the weeks ahead.

Email me HERE if you’re curious. I’d love to hear from you!